Martin Švihla – about me

This is a short English summary of my activities and projects. For more information, please visit the links below or contact me personally at

My name is Martin Svihla and I live in Prague, Czech republic. Being engaged in various different projects, my deepest interest is to evolve as a human being and to live simple and full life.

  • I study and teach martial art Aikido. In 2007 I founded an aikido club Aikido Prague Vinohrady – you can meet me on tatami there.
  • I own and manage a café and organic shop Bio Zahrada in Prague, Vinohrady. We offer food and desserts from breakfast to dinner, selection coffee, natural wines… you name it. Plus pleasant atmosphere and beautiful summer garden.
  • I teach seminars of somatic business education called Aikido Management. Topics of different seminars are leadership, energy management, being in flow, stress and fear management and conflict resolution.
  • I offer individual sessions of “somatic” coaching to people interested in balance between their body, emotions and mind.